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If you are arriving from O U T S I D E   SCHENGEN, we want to make sure you are aware of our immigration procedures at AIRFIELD ROTTWEIL in Germany.

In order to clear immigration, you will need to contact us in A D V A N C E  of your arrival. We require this information so that we can coordinate with the appropriate authorities, including the customs and border protection agency (Zoll und Bundesgrenzpolizei), to ensure that your arrival is approved and goes smoothly.

When you contact us, we assume you are aware of current legislation in Germany. Please provide us with your flight details and the necessary information for immigration purposes. This includes your passport information, visa status (if applicable), and the purpose of your visit. We will then work with bordercontrol to ensure that all necessary procedures are in place for your arrival.

Please note that failure to file a PPR request in advance of your arrival could result in delays, difficulties with immigration and penalities by law enforcement authorities. We want to make your arrival as smooth as possible, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Please find important information for air carriers transporting passengers into the Schengen area about the new EES Entry-Exit-System and the ETIAS European Travel Information and Authorization System.

For the CUSTOMS notification and declaration please file a PPR request and use this form Customs - Airfield Rottweil ( . Any arrival from outside the EU will require a customs notification EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DECLARE. 


Thank you for choosing AIRFIELD ROTTWEIL.