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AIRFIELD ROTTWEIL is a historic airfield with a rich heritage that dates back to 1970 and the inventors Erwin Birk and Hermann Bantle. Located near the city of Rottweil – the oldest city of the state Baden-Wuerttemberg - AIRFIELD ROTTWEIL (ICAO: EDSZ) is in the southern region of Germany located 36 Nautical Miles (NM) south of Stuttgart (EDDS/STR) and 43 NM north of Zuerich (LSZH/ZRH), Switzerland.

The airfield with an asphalt (ASPH) runway of 803m and runway lighting (RWL) is a hub for general aviation due to the unique weather conditions which are very suitable for VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flightoperations and an extraordinary view of the Alps in the south. The view is completed by the blackforest mountain ridge in the west.

The airfield played a significant role in the development of general aviation in Germany after WW2 and has left a lasting impact on the region. Inventor Erwin Birk and his aircraft maintenance facility located at the airfield were known for outstanding expertise in aircrafts like the Piaggio or Dornier 27, the first aircraft built in Germany after WW2 during 1956 and 1965.

Despite changes over the years, the heritage of AIRFIELD ROTTWEIL remains an important part of the region's cultural history being located in the county of Rottweil and adjacent to the county Zollernalbkreis (Balingen).