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Hangar Rent

For single overnight or short term rental (less than 1 month) please use the PPR form's remarks field.

We offer hangar rentals for aircraft owners looking for a secure and convenient storage option. Our hangars are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate a range of aircraft types. With easy access to our runways, our hangar rentals provide peace of mind and flexibility for aircraft owners.

Our rental prices depend on aircraft size, hull value(insurance value) and contract duration

HangarRound hallHangar segment
280 - 800 EUR / month340 - 800 EUR / month2000 - 2600 EUR / month

All prices including VAT.

Our Tie-Down / Apron prices are listed in our RCO

To get a hangar rental offter, please confim your identity by completing the identification process below (requires passport, personal ID or drivers license and a mobile phone / tablet).

You can complete the process without identifying yourself, however the resulting information will be NON BINDING.

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hangar rental form

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